Development of tax intelligence.

To efficiently manage the tax burden

  • Tax diagnosis
  • Technical consultations on interpretations of laws and regulations
  • Preparation and calculation of monthly and annual taxes
  • Refresher conferences, courses and workshops on new accounting matters
  • Reviews of monthly and annual tax returns
  • Taxes on individuals
  • Deferred taxes
  • Company liquidations
  • Expatriates
  • Advisory on and managing tax audits
  • Preparation of means of defense
  • Advisory on E-Accounting
  • Tax report
  • Report on Social Security matters
  • Corporate Taxes
  • International Taxes
  • Foreign Trade
  • Transfer Pricing Studies
  • Preparation of plans for compliance with tax obligations
  • Implementation of tax plans according to the company’s business activity
  • Handling of tax authorities’ requests for additional information and documentation to be submitted