SEI Consulting’s business objective is to provide support from a holistic perspective in exchange for fees that are in line with the purchasing power of the owners and directors of companies, in order to free their talent from areas engaged in providing support (e.g., accounting, labor, financial and tax) and prevent them from conducting practices that could put the business’s operations and continuity at risk, as well as to enhance competitiveness by means of a more comprehensive approach.

Certainty and efficiency SCOPE

  • Audit and Financial and Tax Consulting
  • Tax Advisory and Practice
  • Legal Services
  • Specialized Outsourcing
  • Transparency and objectivity in prompt decision making
  • More accurate guidelines to measure and recognize risks
  • Security and integrity of operations, and tax intelligence and efficiency
  • Technological tools available for streamlining costs, timing and human resources

Prospecting for change SCOPE

  • Early detection of significant regulatory and technological trends and changes in business models arising in different markets and regions worldwide
  • Solutions to challenges faced by family companies
  • Risk management
  • Institutionalizing of family companies
  • Organizational and human-capital development
  • Systemic vision of competitiveness
  • Design and implementation of a Corporate Governance Structure tailored to your business