Our Purpose

Competitive Integration

SEI Consulting’s business objective is to provide support from a holistic perspective in exchange for fees that are in line with the purchasing power of the owners and directors of companies, in order to free their talent from areas engaged in providing support (e.g., accounting, labor, financial and tax) and prevent them from conducting practices that could put the business’s operations and continuity at risk, as well as to enhance competitiveness by means of a more comprehensive approach.

Our Mission

Develop, design and implement comprehensive Strategic Solutions that meet our clients’ needs, provide answers that add value to our clients and prepare them to face the constant changes in their business environment and support their growth.

Our Vision

Position ourselves as one of the top consulting and advisory firms with a comprehensive business approach, specializing in different industries and financial, tax, accounting, corporate, IT and human talent matters. We will serve as a firm of professionals streamlining a powerful combination of knowledge and skills. We will provide specialized consulting and advisory services, thus adding value to our clients. We will invest our resources to create a better business consulting experience.



Loyalty and commitment

We will strive to establish strong and lasting relationships in the long term with an openness and commitment from our Business Partners.


Adaptability and Innovation

We look for creative service ideas, which will have the potential to generate a better experience as business advisors .


Trust and Excellence

We fulfill what we promise and always seek to exceed the expectations of our customers.



Comprehensive Strategic Solutions arise from the joint work of professionals with an ideal combination of knowledge and skills.



Our clients will be and will feel safe with us, through the prudent handling of their information.